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Heckler & Koch (H&K) Airguns

H&K MP7 Airsoft Rifle Kit Auto electric gun (AEG) 180-round high-capacity mag Collapsible stock Adjustable rear sight Adjustable front sight Includes 7.2V 350 mAh NI-CD battery, battery charger, manual, Air Venturi Pro CQBBs airsoft orange 0.12g, 2700BBs..
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The Heckler and Koch P30 Electric Airsoft pistol is a fun shooting electric operated BB gun. It uses batteries not only to propel the BBs but to kick the slide back adding an extra kick of realism. Oh, and this P30 will shoot in full-auto mode too! Realistic Blowback recoil Action Extra magaz..
$29.99 $39.99
Ex Tax:$29.99
The H&K USP CO2 Airsoft Pistol is the competitor's choice for fast, accurate CO2 action during airsoft competitions. UMAREX holds the worldwide exclusive HK-trademark and exterior design copy license for use with this UMAREX product, granted by HK, Inc., U.S.A. Authentic H&K Airsoft Gun Met..
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Semi/full automatic Flip-up front & rear sights Adjustable stock Quad Weaver/Picatinny rail Sling mounts Adjustable hop-up..
$89.99 $119.99
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Heckler & Koch VP9 BB Magazine Features .177 Caliber BBs For Umarex H&K VP9 BB Air Pistol Black CO2 ..
$27.05 $32.99
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The range is hot so don't stop to reload! Pick up some extra HK45 CO2 pistol magazines and load up before you start shooting. That way you'll lose minimal range time. HK45 stick mag Holds 22 steel BBs..
$14.99 $19.99
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Compatible with the Umarex H&K MP5 K-PDW H&K MP5 K-PDW banana magazine Holds 40 steel BBs..
$18.74 $24.99
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Our HK45 replica CO2 pistol doesn't have any recoil, but that's actually a plus. A recoiling CO2 gun gets fewer shots per cartridge so you'll save some money right there. Because it's not a very heavy CO2 pistol, just about everyone in the family should be able to handle this gun. Get out the bull..
$45.09 $54.99
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Since being introduced in 2014, Heckler & Koch VP9 has quickly become the sidearm of choice for many police and sheriff departments nation wide, along with being popular among the civilian population. The size and feel of this replica are true to form and can be used in the backyard. With authentic ..
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Heckler & Koch USP Features Realistic Blowback Action Officially Licenced Authentic Look & Feel SA/DA Action Realistic hammer movement Semi-auto repeater Drop-free 16-shot BB magazine Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule housed in the mag Fixed front and rear sights White-Dot Sights Integrate..
$89.99 $119.99
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This replica air pistol is made after the Heckler & Koch P30. It can shoot either lead pellets or steel BBs and utilizes an 8-shot rotary magazine and drop-out BB magazine respectively. Made of metals and composites this replica is near true to weight and feel. The ambidextrous magazine release a..
$194.99 $259.99
Ex Tax:$194.99
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