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Walther Reign UXT Walther Reign UXT
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Walther Reign Air Rifle Features Multi-Shot PCP Pellet Rifle Auto Indexing Magazine (10 round for .22, 9 round for .25) 3,300 PSI Air Tank  Integrated Pressure Gauge 60 Shots per fill for .22/ 40 shots per fill for .25 Adjustable trigger Fully shrouded barrel with SilenceAir Technology Amb..
$573.99 $699.99
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The Ataman AP16 Compact air pistol in titanium features remarkably consistent shot velocity and accuracy due to its 2 way adjustable trigger and integrated pressure regulator. The 60cc air cylinder at 4,350 psi fill pressure gives you up to 15 powerful shots per fill at up to 590 fps velocity with u..
$787.49 $1,049.99
Ex Tax:$787.49
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