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Mantis Scopes

Zero in quickly and easily with the Mantis 4-12x40mm rifle scope. Whatever the distance, you'll enjoy the bright, sharp images the Mantis delivers. Reinforced to stand up to the recoil of today's high-powered spring-piston break barrels, this scope is full of useful features that enhance your shooti..
$81.99 $99.99
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Use your Mantis 3-9x40mm rifle scope for plinking, hunting and pest elimination. It's versatile enough for just about any type of rifle you own including air rifles, centerfire rifles, rimfire or even airsoft. The Mantis is rugged enough to handle the 2-way recoil of magnum spring-piston air rifles...
$73.79 $89.99
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The Mantis 3-9x32mm rifle scope delivers everything you need for a full day of shooting whether you mount it to your firearm, airgun or airsoft gun. Choose the versatile Mantis 3-9x32mm rifle scope for all of your shooting needs. Whether you shoot airsoft, airguns or firearms, the Mantis delivers s..
$61.49 $74.99
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