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Hatsan Air Pistols

Hatsan has taken the high road by reporting their max velocities using lead pellets instead of super-lightweight alloy pellets. Since most shooters have discovered that lead pellets deliver the greatest accuracy compared to alloy pellets (not to mention being much more economical), it stands to reas..
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The Hatsan Model 25 SuperCharger is one of the more powerful break barrel pistols with velocities of up to 700fps reached. This means you can use it humanely for small pest control or just use it to plink, target shoot and have fun.Hatsan 25 Supercharger Air Pistol Features Spring-piston 58 lbs. co..
$119.99 $159.99
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An impressive air gun, the Hatsan 25 SuperTact just got a powerplant -- the Vortex gas-piston. If you liked the old version with the metal mainspring, you're gonna love the new version! With the gas-piston driving out each shot, your model 25 SuperTact shoots smoother, cocks smoother and delivers u..
$179.99 $239.99
Ex Tax:$179.99
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