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Glock Air Pistols

Known for extremely realistic replicas, Umarex has just released their newest addition. The Glock 17 CO2 BB gun is almost a dead match to it's firearm counterpart, with realistic blowback and magazine ejection. Capable of throwing all 18 rounds downrange at velocities up to 365 fps, which makes it ..
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Umarex is definitely leading the pack when it comes to CO2 replicas and their latest addition to their lineup is the GLOCK™ 17 Gen3. This is the long awaited blowback GLOCK™ that everyone has been asking for. With a realistic feel and look, it's perfect for training, plinking, displaying, etc┬Е. ..
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Arguably the most well recognized name in pistols, the Glock 17 is known the world over for it's reliability, shoot-ability and ruggedness. The Gen4 variant is one of the most popular versions, featuring different grip texturing and a larger magazine release. Umarex unleashes this blowback replica, ..
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The Glock 19 Gen. 3 is well known for its iconic designs & reliability - now Umarex has brought it to the airgun market as an officially licensed BB pistol. Take your tactical training sessions up a notch with the this CO2 semi-auto BB pistol which looks and feels like the real thing. If you lo..
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Glock 17 Gen 4 Essentials Combo Features Blowback action slide Drop-free metal magazine Authentic replica right down to controls Fixed white "U" shaped GLOCK™ style rear sights Fixed white dot front sight Full metal slide Powered by (1) 12g CO2 capsule in magazine GLOCK™ rail Fits duty ho..
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