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Crosman Air Pistols

Crosman SR.357 BB Revolver Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge 6-rd cylinder Fixed front sight Adjustable rear sight Stippled grips with finger grooves Double-/single-action Manual safety* Working ejector rod Swing-out cylinder Silver metal finish Includes 6 cartridge shells (load each shell wit..
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Made in the USA The rifled steel barrel on the Crosman 2300T air pistol drives pellets downrange around 520 fps, and you can expect over 40 shots at a consistent velocity from one Co2. The rear sight has two white dots and micrometer adjustments for wind and elevation. The 11mm dovetail makes it eas..
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This is a PCP powered target pistol that meets AAFTA (American Airgun Field Target Association) requirements. Note that this gun comes with two transfer ports, the larger one delivers higher velocities and thus lower shots per fill. The smaller transfer ports reduces the fps to 550 and better suites..
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Crosman P1 Features Full auto BB pistol with blowback action Realistic  look and function Double and single action, semi-auto repeater Front fixed blade sight and  rear fixed rear notch sight Full metal frame and slide Removable 20 shot BB magazine with integrated CO2 housing Includes rail-..
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Crosman MK45 CO2 BB Pistol Features CO2  Steel barrel Removable grip for easy replacement of CO2 Quick release, 20 round drop-out BB magazine Fixed blade and notch sighting system Weaver Accessory Rail 0.63 lb Overall Weight 7.22" Length..
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C11 Tactical Pistol Kit Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges Drop-free 20rd BB magazine* Easy-loading CO2 compartment in grip Fixed front and rear sights (Weaver rail is higher than the sights) Finger grooves on grip 1.4 lbs. (gun without accessories) 11" long (including the compensator) Includes compensato..
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Do you have a new shooter or a young shooter who wants to learn the basics of proper gun handling? This great little pistol fits nicely in your hand and is ideal for educational purposes and plinking. After all, girls and women like guns, too!. And make them pink, please!..
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The Crosman PFM16 BB pistol will look and feel realistic. Semiauto clones of firearms are a great way to stay proficient without spending time and money going to the range. Just set up an appropriate range in your basement, garage or backyard and shoot for hours for pennies a shot!Crosman PFM16 Full..
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Made in the USA Offering a transition between Sporters and the more expensive match guns, target shooters will find this pistol both highly accurate and surprisingly affordable. With its German-made Lothar Walther™ precision barrel, the Crosman Silhouette 1701P is designed for silhouette and targ..
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Redesigned but still the same great air pistol America has revered since 1998. If ever there was a pistol that would please just about any shooter it's the Crosman P1377 American Classic. With the variability of a multi-pump- each shooter can use the gun at his own level of effort. The unique rear..
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Get ready to go outside or have some fun inside with the Crosman 1911 CO2 BB Pistol.This semi-automatic pistol shoots steel bbs at 480 feet per second and comes with a 20 round drop out magazine. Powered by 12g co2, the double-action 1911 pistol is quiet and easy to reload. The Co2 is stored in t..
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The 1911 is the most popular firearm model ever made. This version in Crosman's stable of 1911 clones is the most realistic, with metal construction and realistic blowback that'll help you practice without feeling like you're using a BB gun.Crosman GI Model 1911 Features Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges..
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