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Umarex Air Rifles

Umarex Syrix Features Turbo-Nitrogen Technology (TNT) Gas Piston  Breakbarrel Automatic Safety 11mm Dovetail Rail Fiber Optic Sights Adjustable Rear Sight (Windage and Elevation) All-Weather Synthetic Stock 5.3lb Trigger Pull 14.5" Length of Pull Includes 4x32 Scope..
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You'll be transported back to the Old West with the Umarex Cowboy Lever Action Rifle! Kicking out shells with each cycle of the lever, you will be knocking down targets left and right! Simply insert a couple of 12 gram CO2 cartridges, load a BB into each shell, insert the shells through the trapdoor..
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When it was first released, the Umarex Gauntlet took the PCP world by storm, and it is still the most feature packed entry-level PCP! For the first time it brought high-end features like an adjustable stock, regulated air supply, removable bottle, and a shrouded and baffled barrel to an extremely af..
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The Umarex Origin gives you a full power shot after just 13 pumps, and 40 shots on a full air tank after only 100 pumps. It reaches max velocity of 1075 fps and comes with a 4500 psi 3 stage hand pump, so you have everything you need to get started with a PCP without breaking the bank.Umarex set o..
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Umarex developed a CO2 system that will send 170 grain arrows downrange at speeds up to 300 FPS, producing 34 FPE at the muzzle! With the Umarex AirJavelin, you'll have more than enough power to hunt small game and the AR-style buttstock makes maneuvering in the field easy. The AirJavelin is power..
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The new Fusion 2 from Umarex is even better than the first! This updated version offers enhanced ergonomics and a higher level of report suppression. With it's uniquely designed SilencAir technology, which encompasses a five chamber moderator, this rifle is perfect for backyard shooting! The side ..
$147.59 $179.99
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There are lots of multi-pumps available, but here are some good reasons to buy this great kit: Safe-T-Matic auto-safety puts the gun on safe every time it's pumped to avoid misfires. EZ-Load pellet ramp for perfect loading every time. Ergonomic stock design fits right- and left-handed shooters. Lig..
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Great gun for bringing new shooters into the fold! There are several good reasons to get the Umarex NXG APX airgun: Safe-T-Matic auto-safety that puts the gun on safe every time it's pumped and can avoid misfires common to new shooters. EZ-Load pellet ramp for flawless loading every time. Ergonom..
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Jumping on board to the line of multi-shot gas piston air guns, Umarex has developed the Synergis. Released to great fanfare at SHOT Show 2019, the Synergis combines the multi-shot piston driven rifle with an underlever, giving it unbelievable accuracy. Using a 12 round magazine and a TNT gas pist..
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The new Umarex Steel Strike is capable of delivering BB's downrange at 400 fps in either semi-auto or six round burst. Inspired by several combat carbine designs, the Steel Strike shoots, looks, and feels like the real thing. Powered by two CO2 cartridges that are seated in the magazine. The mag..
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Designed by John Browning in 1894, the Winchester Model 1894 (aka the Winchester 94) quickly became the most popular hunting rifle on the market. The Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever action CO2 rifle is an almost near perfect replica of John Brownings original design, expect for the fact that is utilize..
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The Umarex Embark is the place to start for young shooting enthusiasts. Featuring an ambidextrous green stock, this rifle is easy to hold, carry, and shoot. Weighing in at 5lbs, the Embark is easy to control, and with a 17lb cocking effort, nearly anyone can cock this airgun! One cock and this airg..
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