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Beeman Air Rifles

Take your paper punching skills to another level! The same QB78 that is a proven favorite among airgunners, but now avaliable with a ambidextrous thumbhole stock. The AR2078 also comes with upgraded fully adjustable diopeter sights and a fully adjustable trigger. Filled by two standard 12g CO2 cartr..
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Beeman R9 is well-built spring-piston breakbarrel that’s ready for your backyard range right out of the box. Featuring one of the best triggers in its class, the R9 has the famed Rekord trigger, an adjustable 2-stage that breaks crisply. This trigger alone adds a lot of value towards accuracy and me..
$524.96 $699.95
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The Dual Caliber gives you the advantage of being able to shoot both .177 and .22 caliber pellets with the same rifle. Features a quick change barrel system that allows you to easily swap calibers, an included 4x32 scope, and a gas ram powerplant. This rifle is a great option for those looking for a..
$134.99 $179.99
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The Beeman R7 Elite is an accurate fun and easy shooting youth airgun. In effect, it's a miniaturized version of the R9, making the R7's features are head and shoulders above most youth air guns. Featuring a gorgeous checkered stock, the R7's small size is easy to manage, and its shorter barrel make..
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If you're looking to get into 10 meter competitive shooting, the Beeman 1380 is a great way to get started for a reasonable price. Beeman packed features and adjust-ability into this gun that you normally wouldn't find anywhere near this price range. The gun features multi-adjustable stock component..
$719.99 $959.99
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Using their proven and popular Chief platform, Beeman has introduced the Chief II, it's their newest repeater and features a 10-shot rotary magazine, the same two-stage, adjustable QB78 trigger, a 21.5" rifled, steel barrel, 136cc air cylinder with a 2,000 psi pressure capacity and an ambidextrous h..
$201.60 $268.80
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This Deluxe version of the QB78 features a 2 stage adjustable trigger, TRUGLO fiber optic sights, and Beech wood stock...
$110.24 $146.99
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If good things come in small packages, then the R7 is a really good thing! Compact in size but not in performance, the Beeman R7 is often called the "little R1." It's that good. Other than size, there are very few differences between the R1 powerhouse and the R7. Through the double-jointed cocking l..
$236.24 $314.99
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German quality, hand-assembled and ready to accept any task you give it! At only 7.3 lbs., this breakbarrel marvel will delight you with spot-on accuracy. The R9 begs to be shot all day long, and you'll have a hard time refusing. Repeatable accuracy is built into the gun at the factory, and you won..
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A winning combination of quality features, performance and price point, the Beeman Chief is a worthy addition to the budget friendly PCPs that are taking the airgun industry by storm. The Chief is modeled after the classical styling of bolt-action hunting rifles, with its handsome hardwood stock em..
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